Situated on the Eastern seaboard of the United States, Ravens Nest is a typical small town where everyone knows one another and is quick to meddle in others’ business, creating a nest of conflict and intrigue.

At the beginning of the journey in The Pathway, Dr. Jessica Atkins finds herself near burnout and sets out to her vacation home in Ravens Nest to escape the madness of the city where she deals with life and death as an emergency medicine physician. The only snag disrupting her quietude is being entrusted with the life of an injured stranger and being implored not to take him to the local hospital.

Troubleshooting this request, Jessica turns to her good friend, the eccentric veterinarian, Jack Foster, and uses his clinic to treat an injured Martin Orion. Through the novels Jack’s antics weave in and out of the series and this unlikely hero is crucial in determining favorable outcomes.

In The Pathway, Ravens Nest has no local medical provider and the community rallies around Jessica to fill that essential void… if she can manage to overcome her feud with the local town sheriff, and her former best friend, Sheriff Mel Goodwin.

The single main street town of Ravens Nest has all the essentials: a town hall, sheriff’s department, general trader, humble library, pub, five-story upscale serviced apartments, a coffee shop, doctor’s offices, tourist center, and chemist. It even has a supercharger for electric vehicles.

The rural Southern town of Ravens Nest and the surrounding countryside is mostly a quiet and sleepy agricultural community, although eco-tourism blossoms with the later addition of the acclaimed self-sustaining Ravens Nest Eco Resort on the outer border of town. The planning for this magnificent facility is set in motion in Ravens Nest Retribution and important for attracting the likes of Princess Sabrina of Luxembourg in Mayhem.

Patricia Foxcroft, makes her move to Ravens Nest in Ravens Nest Retribution after investing her retirement savings to purchase the only apartment block in town as well as the local coffee shop and bakery, Sips and Snacks. This feisty septuagenarian with stylishly short silver hair is a kick-ass retired British spy and the mother of James Foxcroft, owner of private security firm SPN Industries. Sparks fly when James joins forces with U.S Marshal Sophia Parker after she takes refuge in Ravens Nest in Anarchy.

Dawn McLeod, the fifty-something Irish proprietor of the local pub and bistro, The Hen and Peacock, has seen it all. Armed with her tongue and shotgun she is occasionally called upon to break up brawls and keep the peace. Her son, Seamus Lachlan McLeod, catches the eye of socialite Abby Willis in Ravens Nest Retribution and Ravens Nest Convergence.

Deputy Sheriff Lisa Montgomery, starts from humble beginnings as she works herself up to this promotion in the Ravens Nest series, and when Mel Goodwin takes leave, covers for her as acting sheriff. Good thing Montgomery does not scare easily. For someone used to living in the shadows with an elite hacker past and no living relatives she has reinvented herself and found a home in the inconspicuous town of Ravens Nest with its dubious history as a boom town during prohibition, secret tunnels and all.

Through the series, the captivating town of Ravens Nest grows to attract friends and family of the main characters to incorporate a sizeable ensemble cast of quirky and inspiring supporting personas.

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