From The Pathway right through to Destiny the Ravens Nest series evolves to include new and extraordinary characters into the mix. No one is left unchanged as life barrels them down often unexpected and perilous pathways, including to exotic international locations.

Lasting connections are made when characters depend on each other for survival. Taking risks with having to trust others while facing their inner demons and insecurities, the beloved characters find solace in friendship, a sense of family, and sizzling romantic pairings.

Deception is the first novel in the Savannah Sizzle series, and features several notable personalities from the Ravens Nest series as it moves focus to Savannah, Georgia, and the larger family surrounding investigative journalist, Olivia Lawrence Ward. Her conservative family owns the Savannah Sun Hotel and Resort on the banks of the Savannah River.

As the Savannah Sizzle series unfolds, new faces will join in the conflict, suspense, intrigue, action, adventure, and romance.

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