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Dr Jessica Atkins wants nothing more than to see the Emergency Department she works at in her rear view mirror. Overworked and on the verge on burnout, her much anticipated vacation in the idyllic coastal town of Ravens Nest is railroaded when her paths cross with an injured and insanely handsome mystery man. read more

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7 reviews for THE PATHWAY

  1. Justine Reyes (Official Review) (verified owner)

    With her heart set on escaping her draining lifestyle for a few weeks, Dr. Jessica Atkins decides to stay at her vacation home in the quaint coastal town of Raven’s Nest. To her surprise, she finds herself face to face with four men seemingly misplaced in time, one of whom is a handsome and mysterious man named Martin. Little does she know they aren’t just misplaced, but in fact belong to a land parallel to Jessica’s own; a war-torn place called Orion and Martin is Orion’s king. The pathway is the only thing connecting Jessica’s world to Martin’s. Can Jessica help Martin heal his warring land or will his enemies prevail? You’ll have to read for yourself to find out.

    Author Alex Croft meticulously creates a wonderful tale of suspense, romance, adventure, and even humor in The Pathway. Jessica Atkins is such a well written and relatable character; sometimes working stiffs just want to get away from their exhaustingly mediocre lives. The Pathway offers readers a distraction and an escape into a world of wonder. Fans of the Outlander series will be tickled by The Pathway. It isn’t very often that this unique and specific genre lands in the laps of readers and it is even rarer that they’re written with rigorous quality. I absolutely relished reading The Pathway and appreciated all that Croft had to offer readers. If life has got you down and you’re having a bad day, week, or month, pick up a copy of The Pathway for your getaway without having to get away.

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    Great stuff

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    Great book.

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    Can’t wait to read this one

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    Thanks so much

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    Love his books

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    Look forward to reading this book

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