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Artist Dylan Tomass McManus gets more than he bargains for while secretly visiting the Savannah Sun Hotel and Resort at Christmas. A chance late-night encounter and disastrous identity mix-up attracts the ire of hotelier, Victoria Lawrence Ward, one of Savannah’s most eligible bachelorettes. read more

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  1. Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

    When vandalism and assaults jeopardize the reputation of a prestigious hotel, the
    owners fight back in the exciting suspense novel Sabotage: Savannah Sizzle Book 2 by
    Alex Croft. The Lawrence Ward family owns the Savannah Sun, a prestigious hotel and
    resort. Victoria, her sister Olivia, and two brothers Liam and Emerson have equal shares
    in it with their parents. Victoria manages the hotel, Emerson is the CFO, and Liam heads
    the legal department, while Olivia tracks stolen art across the world. Too busy with the
    family business to nurture relationships, Victoria, Liam, and Emerson are unmarried
    and considered Savannah’s most desirable and eligible catches. When a renowned
    artist’s paintings are stolen right before his show at the Savannah Sun, and a stalker
    threatens the hotel’s Michelin award-winning chef, the family establishes measures to
    protect their clients and employees. Victoria calls in Olivia to retrieve the paintings and
    takes the single artist to a secret and secure location. Meanwhile, Emerson protects the alluring chef, and Liam collaborates with the sexy detective in charge of the

    Sabotage: Savannah Sizzle Book 2 by Alex Croft is a sensational romantic suspense
    novel. Well-written, the story contains a clever plot, ambitious characters, and a
    complex storyline. It is fascinating to observe how the three romantic relationships
    struggle to bloom amidst theft, stalking, murder attempts, and an intrusive and
    interfering mother. Containing intense scenes, romance, and intrigue, it is
    a stunning story that will delight fans who love romance novels with a little something extra. It is
    the second book in a series but does perfectly well as a standalone

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