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Former Military Police Captain Melissa Goodwin thought she had escaped the trauma of her marriage breakup and the death of her brother, Major Chris Goodwin, when she left behind her former life as a naval officer, and moved back to her hometown of Ravens Nest. Elected as the small town county Sheriff, she rebuilt her life, revived friendships and integrated with the local community, read more

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    A high-ranking official involved with black market sales of guns and ammunition resolves to cover his participation by sending mercenaries to wipe out a sheriff and her family in a rural seaside town, in the spectacular action-packed thriller, Ravens Nest Retribution by Alex Croft. The small community of Ravens Nest is delightedly preparing for the marriage of the resident doctor. The wedding will be bringing in a lot of high-profile guests, including the Governor and his family. Sheriff Mel Goodwin and her department are working with the State Troopers to keep their visitors and family secure during the festivities.
    As a friend of the bride’s family and son of the Governor, Mel’s estranged husband, Harvey, arrives ahead of schedule during the middle of a tropical storm. By rescuing him, Mel discovers Harvey isn’t the cheating and dishonest man she believed him to have become in the last year of their marriage. Harvey brings a message to Mel from her recently deceased brother that places them and the small town in the center of a dangerous situation. The man responsible for Mel’s brother’s death is now gunning for Mel and Harvey. Just days before the wedding, an elimination team is coming to terminate them. Do Mel and her department stand a chance against the highly-trained mercenaries?

    Ravens Nest Retribution is the fabulous second book in the Ravens Nest Series. It is an exciting novel that captures your interest from the very beginning. It has a dynamic, fast-moving plot consisting of an idyllic setting, brilliant characters, and a riveting story line. The suspense starts escalating from the first page and continues on a steady course until the smashing and explosive finale. With romantic interludes and humorous situations interspersed throughout, the story maintains a light and heartening atmosphere, which balances well with the drama and bloodshed. Excitement, romance, humor, and action, this entertaining book has it all! Those who are fans of suspense and thrillers with strong female characters won’t want to miss this outstanding novel!

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