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Deputy Sheriff Lisa Montgomery is grappling to maintain law and order after an attempt on Abby Willis’s life, Vice President of Willis & Atkins Construction and daughter of the sitting governor whose family visits town to attend the wedding of Dr. Jessica Atkins and Martin Orion. The chaos escalates when a shooter murders the hired assassin and an interagency investigator starts snooping around. read more

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  1. Susan Sewell (Official Review)

    After an explosive showdown with mercenaries, a small seaside town is facing another incursion of assassins in the exciting thriller, Ravens Nest Convergence by Alex Croft. Abby Willis has a secret. She is a hardworking VP for a construction company, but she is also secretly a CIA agent. Deputy Lisa Montgomery has a deep, dark secret as well. She is a hacker with a shady past who has been in hiding for the past three years. Abby and Lisa were significant participants of the deputized group which took out more than a dozen mercenaries just days before. While Abby is still trying to wrap her mind around the havoc that had unraveled recently, an assassin attempts to kill Abby. Along with Sheriff Mel Goodwin, Abby and Lisa now realize the battle they just won is only the beginning of a fight. Somehow, their histories have a common link, and that connection has a leader who is ruthless and lethal. With a target on their backs, they again pull together a team worthy of repelling an assault of military caliber. Can Mel, Lisa, and Abby, along with their allies, keep their community safe while they remove the threat? Can they survive this next onslaught?

    Ravens Nest Convergence by Alex Croft is the exciting and action- packed third book in a riveting series. The series is set in a serene and unassuming small town where you wouldn’t expect the quiet to be broken by the sound of guns and explosions. There is a fascinating, paradoxical contrast between the idyllic setting and the blazing combat that keeps the reader captivated and entertained. With engaging characters, a solid action-filled plot, and a fast-paced story line, this third episode is just as gripping as the previous novels. It has a superb story arc enhanced with romance and humor, as well as the violence and dire conflict of the plot. The book comes to a smashing conclusion; finishing on a cliffhanger that is enticing enough for the next installment. It is an exceptional novel complete with strong female characters, romance, and action that will entertain those who have a penchant for suspenseful thrillers.

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