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The most dreaded of assignments for Interpol Agent Clara Meadows involve pandering to the whims of royalty. Attending pretentious soirees and private functions is the bane of her life, and on occasion, known to go horribly wrong. When a whoIe-blooded and recklessly flirtatious aristocrat holes up in a foreign embassy, she jeopardizes the peace and actively resists a high-stakes extraction. A year after the Vienna fiasco, Meadows again finds herself assigned to the beck and call of the same petulant crown princess, but this time in an eastern seaboard rural town. read more

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1 review for MAYHEM

  1. K.C. Finn (Official Review)

    Mayhem is a work of fiction in the romantic suspense, action and adventure sub-genres, and was penned by author Alex Croft. Written for adult audiences, the work contains explicit language, scenes of a sexual nature, and some graphic violence. The sixth novel in the Ravens Nest series, we find ourselves following a large ensemble cast of central characters when the royal Princess Sabrina of Luxembourg comes to the Eco Resort in order to attend an environmental symposium. As danger looms and suspicions rise, Agent Clara Meadows is joined by a wider team of security and fellow agents to protect Sabrina, but this in turn uncovers more secrets and connections within the group.

    Author Alex Croft packs a lot of drama into this novel, allowing us to weave between the different stories and narratives of each individual in the wide ensemble cast. Across them all, we get many different personality types and expressions of emotions, and I was impressed with the way each friendship, relationship, and tension is uniquely tailored and realistic to the background and life experiences of each cast member. The plot takes many exciting twists and turns with international danger and intrigue, leaving readers to wonder what will happen next as the stakes get higher and higher. I also thought that the dialogue was utilized really well, not only as a plot exposition device, but also to characterize the romantic moments and allow the protagonists to convey their hidden feelings. Overall, I would certainly recommend Mayhem to romantic suspense fans as a novel that delivers exactly what it promises.

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