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Reeling from the death of her teammates during their last doomed spy mission, which left her critically injured, disgraced former MI6 operative Nia Munro finds herself hunting for clues in Hong Kong to track down those responsible. Munro and her fellow SPNI private security contractor, Willow O’Leary, are tasked with gathering information against Laurent Rochedale, the billionaire business tycoon believed to be trafficking the specialized weapons that were used in the deadly ambush.

Willow O’Leary, erstwhile serving in Ireland’s highly secretive witness protection unit, had jumped at the chance to escape Dublin and leave her troubles behind. Hong Kong seemed like the perfect place, if not complicated by the presence of a captivating IT consultant, whom she is tasked with assisting in her undercover role as hotel concierge. read more

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1 review for Hunted

  1. Keith Mbuya for Readers’ Favorite

    The ex-M16 spy Nia Munro and Willow O’Leary were in Hong Kong as an undercover
    agents for the SPNI (a multinational private security firm) on a special assignment.
    The SPNI suspected Laurent Rochedale – a powerful business tycoon – of being
    involved in arms deals and selling military secrets to malevolent parties. Willow
    and Munro are tasked with obtaining substantial evidence that could help
    incriminate Rochedale. Willow poses as a concierge to Rochedale’s genius
    computer programmer Preston Blackshaw, hoping to secretly access his computer.
    Before they knew it, Willow and Preston were head over heels in love. Willow’s
    cover had been blown and Preston knew about her mission. Preston then reveals
    that he is an undercover DIA agent investigating Rochedale’s involvement in an
    incident in Gibraltar which had led to the demise of his friend and over a dozen
    more people. Coincidentally, Munro had been the only survivor of the same
    incident, losing all her team members and later retiring from M16. Preston then
    realizes that the high-tech program he was developing for Rochedale would only
    make the tycoon invincible and more dangerous. While at one of Rochedale’s
    properties at the sea, the trio successfully loads a flash drive with data from
    Rochedale’s supercomputer and destroys his premises, leaving the trio on the run.
    Will they be able to bring down the tycoon before he gets to them? Find out in
    Alex Croft’s Hunted: Savannah Sizzle Book 4.

    Alex Croft had me hooked, keeping me on edge with suspense, thrills, enthralling
    adventure, and terrific and exciting action. Hunted is just what you should be
    looking for if you love a fast- paced crime thriller laced with steamy, romantic, and
    gripping conspiracies. Croft hatches an intriguing plot, which he embeds with
    ingenious and mind-blowing twists. His sophisticated choice of words gives the
    book a professional touch. Espionage, guns, high- end tech, assassinations,
    deception, secrets, vengeance, blackmail, military life, and life on the “rich lush”
    side are included. The narration is insightful, yet subtle. Croft captures the mood
    and setting of his scenes through his impressively vivid and picturesque
    depictions. His narration has great sentimental depth. All this made reading the
    book feel like watching a Hollywood action movie, complete with robust wit. The
    cast was exciting and wonderfully developed. Croft brings out their complex traits
    aggressively. Willow’s past makes her build a high wall around her emotional
    space, but perhaps Preston is the only one who can climb over it. Although this is
    an installment in a series, it's a stand-alone book. I loved it and I’m looking
    forward to reading more of his work.

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