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Former British Military Intelligence Officer Francesca Dalbar, new recruit to private security firm SPN Industries, is tasked with protecting the eccentric and socially inept geneticist, Professor Horus Galili. The stakes are high, as Galili is responsible for evaluating shortlisted candidates in picking a consort for Crown Princess Sabrina of Luxembourg, This undertaking requires him to seamlessly intermingle with the aristocracy during the week-long nuptials of one of the princess’s friends on a swank private Caribbean resort island. Needless to say, Dalbar has her work cut out for her. read more

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1 review for DESTINY

  1. Rabia Tanveer (Official Review) (verified owner)

    Destiny is the seventh novel in the Ravens Nest Series by Alex Croft. This is the story of two women trying to be true to themselves. The story opens with Francesca Dalbar or Frankie. She is fresh out of a divorce and is assigned to protect Professor Horus Galili. There is nothing special about this man, except that he is hired to help Princess Sabrina choose her future husband. She has to make sure no harm comes to him while also making sure he mixes well with the aristocracy. While Frankie faces this dilemma, Princess Sabrina faces her own challenges. She just wants to fulfill her obligation and be the princess that her country can be proud of. She was resolved to meet her fate, but then Lord Daniel Wolff came back, and now she cannot help but wish for more. But she has no time for love. When her life is in danger, she has to protect herself and she only has herself to rely on. What will she do?

    Destiny is a wonderful story of perseverance and integrity. I enjoyed Sabrina’s tenacity to prove herself; not to the world but herself. She knows she has very little choice in the matter, but she is ready to exert as much power as she can to control her future a little bit. I hoped and wished that Sabrina and Daniel would get together in the end. However, I was also glad that the author did not make it easy for them. I didn’t particularly like Princess Anna, but she was vital for the story and its progress. Daniel is a well- thought-out character and he supports the story well too. Alex Croft sets the right tone from the very beginning. You can feel the pressure as the mystery unfolds itself and you will love how Sabrina, Frankie, and even Galili react. This was a very entertaining story.

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