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For Olivia Lawrence Ward, having a photographic memory can be a curse by which to relive harrowing past experiences, or a blessing to bring perpetrators to justice. Occasionally indulging in delectable naughty pleasures, this hardened Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist has had her fair share of dealing with madmen, exposing corruption, and experiencing the trauma of surviving warzones first hand. read more

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1 review for Deception

  1. Janice Tilley for Readers’ Favorite

    Olivia Lawrence Ward is an award-winning investigative journalist, meaning her career takes
    her far away from the security of her close-knit family in Savannah, putting
    her in dangerous places and situations throughout the world trying to get to the bottom of the story. Investigating the brutal murder of her beloved godfather, CIA Agent Stuart Grady, in Bogota,
    Colombia, Olivia finds herself in a compromising position about to be attacked when she is rescued by her ex-husband, who she has not seen or heard from in years. After some shocking truths and deceptive revelations are revealed, her ex-husband Joshua Hunt, with the private
    security company SPN Industries he works for, helps her unravel the dangerous mystery she
    is unwittingly deeply involved in. Sophia Parker, the director of SPNI, pulls together the
    group of family and friends she’s holidaying within Bogota, mostly working in law
    enforcement, to help. This takes them on a treacherous journey dodging bullets and gangsters
    from Colombia to her hometown in Savannah.

    Deception: Savannah Sizzle Book 1 by Alex Croft is an exceptionally well-written suspense
    romance novel that will keep you guessing and unable to put it down. I loved it! I loved the
    author’s detailed descriptions; you can feel the danger and the setting the characters are in. I
    enjoyed being immersed in their crime-solving world as they hope to get all the answers and
    bring down the menacing force behind all the murder and crime that’s crossed continents.
    Joshua Hunt was my favourite character: loyal, passionate, and protective! If Deception is an
    example of this author’s writing skills then I’m looking forward to reading more from Alex

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