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Special Agent Isabella Parker (DHS) and her federal law enforcement siblings, Sophia and Cameron Parker, find their lives endangered in a high-stakes scramble for survival. read more

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1 review for ANARCHY

  1. Anne-Marie Reynolds (Official Review) (verified owner)

    Anarchy by Alex Croft is a romantic tale of suspense. Isabella Parker is a Special Agent with the FBI and, together with Sophie and Cameron, her siblings who also work in law enforcement, she goes on a trip to Ravens Nest. There they find themselves in a race against time as they become embroiled in Operation Anarchy. A covert operation, their task is to get to the heart of government corruption and that puts a marker on their heads. Hunted by assassins, spied on by agents, the trio has a choice – face up to the demons that haunt them or perish. When things start to get personal, the girls need help and it arrives in the form of James Foxcroft, a freelance security consultant. Pulled into the danger that threatens the Parker family, Foxcroft finds himself embroiled in political and murderous plots that put everyone around them in peril.

    Wow! With Anarchy, Alex Croft has pulled off a stunning novel here. Part of the Ravens Nest series, it is an amazing tale of suspense, packed with action. This is one story that will grab you at the start and it will not let you go until you get to the last page. Be prepared to run the gamut of emotions and be on the edge of your seat as you read this heart-pounding thriller with characters that you can’t help but be drawn to and a tight plot that holds your attention. I haven’t read any of the other books in the series but I don’t believe that I missed any important information – it is all right here in this book. Fans of thrillers, suspense novels and those who just want a great book to get lost in will absolutely love this and, yes, there is explicit language and sexual scenes but nothing untoward and nothing out of place with the story.

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