Savannah Sizzle Series


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Former FBI Hostage Negotiator McKenna Davis had hoped that joining SPNI, a private security company in Savannah, would allow her the new beginning she craved. With her marriage and law enforcement career in ruins in the aftermath of tragedy, she needed a fresh start and made her move. The stigma of internal investigations into her actions in the line of duty had dragged on long past its breaking point, and salvaging her reputation seemed an impossible feat. The last person McKenna expected to encounter in Georgia was the one man whom she had foolishly spent a night of passion with months earlier in Washington, D.C., nor did she foresee taking on his family as SPNI clients. read more


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For Olivia Lawrence Ward, having a photographic memory can be a curse by which to relive harrowing past experiences, or a blessing to bring perpetrators to justice. Occasionally indulging in delectable naughty pleasures, this hardened Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist has had her fair share of dealing with madmen, exposing corruption, and experiencing the trauma of surviving warzones first hand. read more


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Detective Juliette Foret knows all about loss and having to start over. Her body bears the scars that come with a career dedicated to the service of her community—and invisible wounds that haunt her dreams. Her new life in Georgia was supposed to be easy, to allow her time to heal, until her path crosses with that of a sadistic killer targeting the loved ones of the only infuriatingly irresistible man who has made her lose control.

Prominent hotelier and Savannah’s foremost eligible bachelor, Liam Lawrence Ward, will do almost anything to protect his family, including enduring the wrath of the enigmatic detective. His clandestine investigation into those believed to be responsible for stalking his future sister-in-law and setting fire to a building at the Savannah Sun Hotel and Resort lands him in hot water when bullets start to fly. read more


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Reeling from the death of her teammates during their last doomed spy mission, which left her critically injured, disgraced former MI6 operative Nia Munro finds herself hunting for clues in Hong Kong to track down those responsible. Munro and her fellow SPNI private security contractor, Willow O’Leary, are tasked with gathering information against Laurent Rochedale, the billionaire business tycoon believed to be trafficking the specialized weapons that were used in the deadly ambush.

Willow O’Leary, erstwhile serving in Ireland’s highly secretive witness protection unit, had jumped at the chance to escape Dublin and leave her troubles behind. Hong Kong seemed like the perfect place, if not complicated by the presence of a captivating IT consultant, whom she is tasked with assisting in her undercover role as hotel concierge. read more


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Artist Dylan Tomass McManus gets more than he bargains for while secretly visiting the Savannah Sun Hotel and Resort at Christmas. A chance late-night encounter and disastrous identity mix-up attracts the ire of hotelier, Victoria Lawrence Ward, one of Savannah’s most eligible bachelorettes. read more