Ravens Nest Series



Dr Jessica Atkins wants nothing more than to see the Emergency Department she works at in her rear view mirror. Overworked and on the verge on burnout, her much anticipated vacation in the idyllic coastal town of Ravens Nest is railroaded when her paths cross with an injured and insanely handsome mystery man. read more


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Former Military Police Captain Melissa Goodwin thought she had escaped the trauma of her marriage breakup and the death of her brother, Major Chris Goodwin, when she left behind her former life as a naval officer, and moved back to her hometown of Ravens Nest. Elected as the small town county Sheriff, she rebuilt her life, revived friendships and integrated with the local community, read more


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Deputy Sheriff Lisa Montgomery is grappling to maintain law and order after an attempt on Abby Willis’s life, Vice President of Willis & Atkins Construction and daughter of the sitting governor whose family visits town to attend the wedding of Dr. Jessica Atkins and Martin Orion. The chaos escalates when a shooter murders the hired assassin and an interagency investigator starts snooping around. read more


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The most dreaded of assignments for Interpol Agent Clara Meadows involve pandering to the whims of royalty. Attending pretentious soirees and private functions is the bane of her life, and on occasion, known to go horribly wrong. When a whoIe-blooded and recklessly flirtatious aristocrat holes up in a foreign embassy, she jeopardizes the peace and actively resists a high-stakes extraction. A year after the Vienna fiasco, Meadows again finds herself assigned to the beck and call of the same petulant crown princess, but this time in an eastern seaboard rural town. read more


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Former British Military Intelligence Officer Francesca Dalbar, new recruit to private security firm SPN Industries, is tasked with protecting the eccentric and socially inept geneticist, Professor Horus Galili. The stakes are high, as Galili is responsible for evaluating shortlisted candidates in picking a consort for Crown Princess Sabrina of Luxembourg, This undertaking requires him to seamlessly intermingle with the aristocracy during the week-long nuptials of one of the princess’s friends on a swank private Caribbean resort island. Needless to say, Dalbar has her work cut out for her. read more