Frequently answered questions(FAQs):

This contemporary fiction series is best described as romantic suspense, action and adventure sub-genres with elements of humor and fantasy. The storylines are character driven and the descriptive narrative changes between characters as the story weaves together.

Reading the books in sequence will allow for the best reading experience as characters recur in the series, and evolve and change over time. Each book brings fresh characters and their backstories to the series.

Ravens Nest Series

Book 1 The Pathway

Book 2 Ravens Nest Retribution

Book 3 Ravens Nest Convergence

Book 4 Anarchy

Book 5 Eclipse

Book 6 Mayhem

Book 7 Destiny

Savannah Sizzle Series

Book 1 Deception

Book 2 Sabotage (Due early 2021)

The series is set mainly on the Eastern seaboard of the United States, most notably in the Southern States. Savannah Sizzle is primarily set in Savannah, Georgia.

However, the characters travel to exotic international locations such as England, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Ireland, the Caribbean, and Colombia.

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Yes, the next book, Sabotage, is currently in the development stage.

The series is designed for a mature audience and explores contemporary adult themes, while containing explicit language, scenes of a sexual nature and some graphic violence.

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No, this is the complete list of work by this author. There may be another writer using a similar name and this person is not affiliated in any way with this author.

No, both series are dramatic works of fiction.

The story, characters, all names, business, locales and various incidents and events portrayed are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. 

Any resemblance to any person, living or deceased, or actual events is purely coincidental. No identification/association with actual persons, places, products, buildings is intended and should not be inferred.

The actions depicted and opinions expressed in the novels are purely those of the fictional characters involved in line with the story arch, and used for dramatic build. These should not be confused with the personal opinions and views of the author.

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