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Immerse yourself into a world of suspense, drama, discovery, and adventure with characters that must rely on their own strengths and force of conviction to adapt and overcome dire life challenges in order to survive.

This contemporary fiction series is best described as belonging to the romantic suspense, action, and adventure sub-genres with elements of humor and fantasy. The storylines are character-driven and the descriptive narrative changes between characters as the story weaves together and unfolds.

Propelled by necessity, the main protagonists make alliances to avoid disastrous personal outcomes stemming from acts of betrayal, deceit, vengeance, and the pursuit of justice.

Join the characters as they travel to exotic international locations such as London, Northern Ireland, Luxembourg, Vienna, Switzerland, the Caribbean, Colombia, and even the mythical world of Orion.

The first book in the exciting Ravens Nest series is available as a free download. Let the journey begin!

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Renowned fashion designer Brinn Gallagher’s life is upended when she is ensnared in a risky cat and mouse spy game involving an old college acquaintance. Paired with her archnemesis, cunning undercover CIA operative Carmen Foxdale, Brinn is carted off to Sicily and forced to walk a tightrope between self-preservations and self-destruction.

Watched closely and bereft of family support for weeks on end, Brinn licks her wounds from a recent breakup, adding to her misery. An unrelenting Mediterranean heat wave and the unwanted advances from an entitled entrepreneur amplify her discomfort and push her to the brink of madness…

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